Purple Candy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Candy Purple I am sampling at the moment is very good. The buds are beautiful, bright green mixed with deep purple viens and patches. The tips of the buds seem to be the most purple area, generally being completely purple. However, other nugs are bright green and have no purple at all. Each and every bud is completely caked up in trichs, some incomprehensibly frosty at the tops. Overall, it is truly camera f...”

  • “First of all I have to mention that I rarely had in my life such well cured weed so the producer must be extremely skilled because his rendition is awesome, very snowy crystals on the buds that taste marvelous. It's smell pine and slight berries. It's taste is typical to many good kushes from the west coast, sweet and earth. After taste and smell is hashish like with a hint of berry. The buzz is mainly physical and p...”

  • “First tried this strain kicking it one night at a friends house, One bowl got me buzzed second got me giggling for 2hrs. Nonstop every time my friends would say something, Had a happy euphoric feeling and good company, Good times i definitely recommend.”

  • “Just picked up from My friends at Releaf in Langley and I'm stoked! Buds are dense, sticky and glazed with crystal. I just love the sweet fruity stuff so this was right in my wheelhouse. Pretty to look at, incredible smell and tastes even better. Only $140/oz! Score! Definitely a daytime fave for me, reminds me of shishkaberry back in the day. Kept me percolating for 3 hours of just a few pulls off my Solo. Will fo s...”

  • “I agree with Teed below. absolutely wonderful bag appeal. the smell was down right excellent and the smoke was so smooth it was like inhaling organic velvet instead of heated plant matter. this is an amazing social weed too. left my wife and I feeling pretty silly last night. we actually put our phones down And I think I actually learned her middle name. each nug was between 3 and 3.5 grams and was sticky as a mars...”

  • “Sweet, and relaxing. I haven't used cannabis in four years due to having anxiety attacks whenever I got high. I've recently decided to give it another go because I'm having a lot of difficulty treating insomnia, anxiety and depression in myself. I picked up Purple Candy as a way to counter insomnia. After coming down from a few hits of Pennywise in the afternoon (great strain, by the way), I vaporized some Purple Ca...”

  • “Dense bud from Central BC, great for fatigue and pain related to MS. Is new to me and now one of my top ten!”

  • “Did not like this at first but now it's my go to since it puts you back on track with sleep. You wake up feeling refreshed the next day as well.”