Purple Cheddar

Purple Cheddar

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What is Purple Cheddar?

Purple Cheddar is the caved-aged cross of Cheese and Grandaddy Purple. This strain packs pungent, earthy dimensions that linger on the tongue after combustion and offers a nearly instant euphoria. Tertiary effects gently creep over the body and mind, allowing the consumer to stay happy, heady, and functional while indulging in a mid-level relaxation. This strain may lean more toward sedation with continued use, but can be utilized for stress relief, for mild aches and pain, and an general mood elevation.  

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Purple Cheddar Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Purple Cheddar Genetics and Grow Info

Parents of Purple Cheddar

Purple Cheddar Flavors

  • 1. Cheese
  • 2. Sweet
  • 3. Grape

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“Diggity Diggity DANK! This strain has climbed to my #1 favorite strain of all time instantly. I picked this up from Good Meds Lakewood and I'm telling you that those growers know what they're doing. This is a stone I will remember for a long time. heady, heavy, relaxing, and very euphoric all at the same time. what a dank smoke. pick this up if you ever come across it, it's some fire.”

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“I would rate this strain of 4.5 or a five star I only smoked one bowl out of it and it put me on my ass. I was relaxed and all my pain in my back was gone. Definitely something to try if you have chronic pain.(Down Side) cotton mouth, munchies other then that one of the best strains I have had and I would definitely recommend.”


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