Purple Cream Reviews

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  • “I love this stuff. Just found it through a local delivery service in SW Washington state (yes possession is legal here now but you still have to be medical to legally obtain it - don't say buy - buying is still illegal). I have generalized anxiety disorder. I'm naturally the kind of person that freaks out after one cup of coffee. For me this is almost as good as xanax. I have a prescription for xanax and also a presc...”

  • “This is my First encounter with the wonderful strain Purple Cream. I was a tad skeptical at first, due to the name. The buds are so aesthetically pleasing its almost unreal. Large Medium-Dense Crystal Coated Light Green and Purple Buds made up the QP I purchased. There's more purple than green. The flavour is very mellow and sweet, with the slightest hint of Candy or a purple Popsicle in there. Excellent when looking...”

  • “Purple Cream was picked by my sister and she seemed pretty excited for it for whatever her reasons were. It is a dense and floral looking strain, that is dark green and purple. The nugs are cured well and smell terrific, of dark spices and skunkiness. It smokes quickly as it is dense and brittle, and provides a thick and somewhat harsh smoke. Cough-producing. The smoke tastes a lot like licorice and nutmeg to me.. it...”

  • “great strain, has a full rich flavor with a great buzz. great after a long day.”

  • “I recently bought a hydroponic grown harvest of this bud and it is legendary purple. The nugs are purple, crystally, dense, and the taste is amazing. This is what a real indica high should be like all the time.”

  • “good after a workout, leaves you feeling sedative and happy”

  • “Perfect indica for before bed. Made me really tired, relaxed, and hungry. Has a pretty carefree and happy high, definitely thoughtful. It can feel like a punch, buts its good after after a long stressful day when you want to laze about and relax.”

  • “pretty good indica right here makes everything around you better!”