Purple Dragon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This weed had little rainbow colored hairs and is green with bits of purple in it and had a grape flavor. the high was a mellow state followed with a euphoric afterhigh.”

  • “Very nice consistent daytime high. This is my go-to girl. I can always count on Purple Dragon, never have to worry that it will hit me wrong, very consistent and the more you smoke the better it is. Makes me very social and entertaining to others. ;-). It does have a nice flavor which I noticed immediately and does not make me cough whatsoever. This is one I like to always have on hand.”

  • “I tried looking up the genetics on this strain, and the info is very muddled. Apparently there is a Purple Dragon clone only strain going around the west coast which is Blue Dragon x Purple Urkle, and then there is another Purple Dragon strain coming out of somewhere in Canada which include genetics from Dutch Dragon, Purple Haze, and BC bud. I picked up 1g from Reli...”

  • “This strain is awesome!!! A tingly cerebral feeling mixed with a nice relaxing body high. I was high for about 1-2 hours and afterwards you feel it a little still, it tends to linger for awhile. Great for relaxing, bad for multi-tasking. It gets you pretty tired, that's why I rated it a 4 and not a 5.”

  • “This taste great, has a lower THC level with a higher CBD level, which gives you a small (happy) head high and a nice mellow full body high. This strain taste great, works fast and tapers off slowly making it perfect for sleep issues, anxiety, stress, eating issues, body pain, headaches, and even great for socializing. I noticed myself smiling more for no reason. I can sense this would be a great "hang out" strain, b...”

  • “My experience is similar to the first entry here. The buds are so tight and trimmed they are amazing. After 5 back surgeries, two of which failed, I didn't think that pot was part of my solution. This medication starts by relaxing me, and my muscles in turn. As a result I reduce the frequency of back spasms and that in turn reduces painful episodes. It is an effective cycle that has significantly reduced the use of m...”

  • “Very smooth smoke with a nice taste, I loved the balanced body and head high.”

  • “shit is crazy. dense, nice nugs, I smoke on a daily basis and it is by far the best weed for stress, munchies and just to chill, it's like caffeine, it keeps you up for like and 1-2hrs to enjoys the high then it puts you right to bed and makes it a perfect unless night (you are out). just make sure to put in drops it you're planning on being around people you don't want to know that your high”