Purple Elephant Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This stuff gave me the knock out blow! Nice crystal buds with a touch of purple. Open the jar and get smacked in the face with a pungent woody and earth smell. Burned real smooth and tasted just as it smelled with a hint of pine. The high was total body that crept up real slow then hit you like a ton of bricks. Made me real giddy for the first 20 minutes of the experience then I wandered into sleep and that's where I...”

  • “After thirteen hours of work, I returned home stressed out, strung out from caffeine, in need of nourishment but not hungry (probably due to so much caffeine), and completely stiff from a day spent hunched over a table trimming buds. I smoked approximately three moderately-sized hits of this and almost immediately felt a sense of relaxation. My muscle tension subsided, and for the first time today I felt a smile cr...”

  • “Purple elephant is a great stain. Tried for the first time and very pleased with the appearance and taste. will try again.”

  • “I first acquired this strain from Hardcore Harvest in Montrose Michigan. I didn't care for it's hard hitting indica effects that put me to sleep nearly instantly following consumption, but it was a beneficiary medication for days when pain kept me in my chair, or following a back adjustment (rather than taking pills). I found a seed in the 3.5 grams I purchased during Happy Hour for $40. After doing some research and...”

  • “Purple Elephant. Purple Elephant smells amazing like most, very sweet and earth like/pungent. Always makes me relaxed, hungry, and just helps me ease back on any day of the week and just mellow out, chill, take it easy and pass out. Any way you smoke it your gonna feel it the same way. (Also awesome for weed naps, keep munchies at hand.)”

  • “To quote Stan Smith, "this has made me a pawn in marijuana's mellow chess game." This is one game I like playing. The high hits rather like an elephant, heavy and oh so relaxing. Everything about the experience is so chill. I went down to the lake and there were like a million frogs and tons of bats gliding on the soft summer breeze. Take some time out and enjoy the beauty around you.”

  • “pretty and stoney, clean and smooth sweet tasting. Made me feel like i... had my dick in the dirt and my head in the clouds.”

  • “very solid smoke.keeps me high for a few hours,it's a creeper for me.helps with my depression and sore muscles as well as helps me sleep at night.”