Purple Jolly Rancher Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • KxK

    “This strain is stupid awesome. I've been smoking this before I'm ready to bed down for the evening. Body high is intense. It's easy to lose yourself in relaxation. I don't know what I'm thinking about before falling asleep but I don't care either! I've combusted with a spoon pipe, bong and a desktop vaporizer. I much prefer the bong with this strain and my intended outcome, everyone's tolerance and wanted results a...”

  • “Nice deep flavor. The buds smelt amazing and were dark purple with plenty of orange hairs. The high creeps up on you.”

  • “This flower gave me a steady high, but not a couch locking one. It totally got rid of my generalized anxiety for the evening, and helped me get a good nights sleep. The next day I had zero anxiety issues- it was great!”

  • “This strain smells delicious and tastes really good. When I smoked it it gave me a relaxing high but didn't put me to sleep.”

  • “I tried this strain based upon the recommendation of the budtender at The Novel Tree in Bellevue. It tastes great, smells delicious, and the high is very relaxed, clear, and euphoric. At first it feels a bit sativa-like because you don't feel couch locked or sleepy. However, after a couple of hours I drifted off to a nice sleep. Overall, a very happy high. Highly recommended!”

  • “I really liked Pruple Jolly Rancher. I did not smoke or vape it, though. I used an 1/8 to make some cannabutter. I found it really euphoric and energetic at first then hours later I was relaxed and sleepy.”

  • “Great chill out strain, but doesn't couch lock us. Calm after work, but can still function and get things done.”

  • “great way to end a rough day. relaxed as can be. and hungry.”