Purple Martian Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I just smoke this wake and bake and this shit was really good the smell the taste and everything the highlight said was delivered head high that travels down your body relaxing each and every muscle felt soooo good i wouldnt smoke this on the wake up tho this a be my nighttime bud to cuddle with lol 👽👽👽👽”

  • “Best for nerve pain”

  • “I absolutely love this strain! It definitely is a full on, Mike Tyson strength Indica. It tastes like grapes and has a slight berry flavor. Testing at 24℅, it definitely took the pain away and left some room for excitement as well! Perfect strain all around!”

  • “Love this strain, best tasting I have had yet. Works perfectly for my digestive and pain issues, allows me to sleep well and doesn't hit me with the munchies too bad. The flavor is a bit of an oddity, inhale is typical weed taste with a slight grape-berry note. Exhale is that grape-berry note full on, as in, I felt I was eating this odd fruit.”

  • “I absolutely love this stuff, when I first got back into buds this is what I started with and it was amazing, definitely remembered what I was missing! Very great tasty, pungent and just stoney bomb leaf lol”

  • “This is probably my top strain for really any activity, it has a great relaxing feeling, and will make you very very happy.”

  • “I love this strain, my boyfriend has a bad back and this makes all the pain go away as well as gives me a nice head buzz while keeping me moving! I always get this strain when he has it”

  • “I've never felt more relaxed or mellow. Nothing can kill my vibe.”