Purple Panty Dropper Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty good strain. My wife did not report any panty dropping.”

  • “I'm in California been actually just looking for this strain for a while anyone know of the dispensery or place I can pick up”

  • “i was suppose to be doing sonething and now i completely forgot...... dis some good shit...A1”

  • “Dank🔥🔥🔥 I was rocked on some shit”

  • “WOW!!! LOOK OUT!! STRONG AND POWERFUL!! Love this flower! This is not for the rookie!! Powerful legs!!”

  • “Need more! Lifted the foggy veil of heavy depression. In 1 puff noticed huge change in self. Talkative, happy, euphoric, stimulate creativity, awake feeling, ready to take on day rather than run away. Really recommend for any depression sufferer for Day Time use. My all time fave.”

  • “Good head high but makes me lose memory of what's happening”

  • “I grew out two phenotypes of the PPD. One was like PEZ candy... super frosty large flowers but with only light purpling. My other phenotype was heavy on the purple but lighter on the resin production and terpene depth. Will purchase again and hunt for the fat PEZ flavored phenotype. Terps trump color all day long.”