Purple Passion Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Purple Passion is one of my favorite sleep aides. It is awesome for insomnia/night time anxiety sufferers, or those who just can't shut off their thoughts/stressful head. Once I Take a few tokes of this stuff I'm ready to lay down. I make sure to get my face washed/teeth brushed (etc) before smoking this lovely lady. :-) I never smoke it (smoke much OF --if I do) during the daytime unless my schedule allows it (la...”

  • “A long-lasting high lasting a little over 4 hours till I noticed I was coming down. At that point I couldn't help but falling asleep. All in all this strain was very potent and made my top 5 list.”

  • “Gotta love the Purple Passion @Cloud 9 4 5$ a G! Tis a very beautiful, dense strain with a nice taste and quick euphoric effect that lasts for a while and puts one in a nice mellow space for a good while after tokin'”

  • “I really like this for unwinding and sleep. Along with meds, tips me over into sleep gently and consistently. Dry mouth comes with a little too much weed but a very good sleep follows in any case.”

  • “Nice mellow high, it'll make you wanna chill. Oh and munchies. Totally a worth it high. Buy a couple grams”

  • “the flavor and feeling of the medicine hits u right away and as someone who suffers chronic anxiety, and ptsd, I would recommend this strain to anyone who could get by with a little help from their friends. also did feel a little more creative while playing my guitar. definitely one of my favorites!”

  • “I'm smoking purple passion as I speak, purple passion has a fantastic taste almost like grape candy flavor. I believe the smoke to be a little harsh compared to some other Indicas. But I can't seem to get over the amazing after taste it leaves you with. Right after hitting purple passion I feel a tingly sensation that rises straight to my head, but then slowly dies down to my body. And once after, I take another it,...”

  • “Helps a lot with my anxiety and headaches I've been having. Cannot concentrate very well on things though. Feel good. Yeah. You can tell I'm high. Lol”