Purple Star Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really potent indica good for insomnia, pain and/or stress. smoked a jay before bed and felt really relaxed and got a bit of the munchies the come down was really nice slept like a baby when I crashed out on my bed.”

  • “this strain probably isnt top shelf just because of taste. old school taste nothing special there, but the pain relief properties of weed feel magical in purple star. thank god for this right now, strawbery cough was not doin it. if youre bipolar and manic this will put you down like gdp”

  • “Purple Star, is the cross of a random heavy BC purple Indica and Purple Star(Holland) Reportedly 18%THC content. Some say the BC variety might have a super small bit of sativa in it, and the Dutch variety is 50/50. It was a beautiful mostly purple 2.2 gram bud. It was dense but open like it was havested in prime full bloom. Cured very nicely. The smell was heavy, with notes of rosemary and citrusy berries, ...”

  • “I had purple star og it was preety good :) coukdent find it here tho just purp star”

  • “Love this strain.. Tasted delicious, wasn't an overpowering high and I had no crash.. more of a gradual come down. I'm a sativa person but this is one of my favorite strains! My favorite indica”

  • “Dank as fuckkkkkkkkkk Great club!”

  • “not as good as Granddaddy Purp. Had to smoke entirely too much for similar effect. Fell short.”

  • “great for a quick pain relief would recommend this to anyone in need.”