Purple Swish Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very happy uplifting buzz that smooths out to a comfortable body buzz . Taste and smell are good and the buds have trichomes jumping everywhere! Great strain !”

  • “This is an amazing strain for bedtime and has one of the best "purple" flavors out there...hence the name I guess. I like this to relax and ease my mind and to enjoy something different from time to time. It's a heavy heady Indica for sure and also one of the most beautiful flowers I've seen. I want to grow this strain SOOO BAD!!”

  • “Some great smoking great tasting weed would deff be my daily smoke sacc 💯 highly recommend”

  • “Very fruity. Made its way to myrtle Sept 2018. Would recommend”

  • “Love the smell, taste and look. One of my favourite indica! Absolutely love it”