Purple Tonic Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super sweet fruity smell. Really dense nugs. A decent amount of trichromes. Dark green and purple nug with orange hairs. Really smooth hit and taste. Taste didn’t linger too long. Total creeper, got stuck on stupid for a min. After that I felt very relaxed, no pain. Kind of tingly. Didn't feel too social, would rather chill with 1 or 2 friends or alone and listen to music or watch a movie.. I felt pretty euphoric,...”

  • “I FEEL GREAT!!! Creeps on ya. Smooth taste. I swear I can here everything right now!”

  • “Slow hitter. Not too slow though. Good head rush mellow body effects. Kinda harsh but tasty. Good for late afternoon/ before dinner.”

  • “Found to be uplifting. .med-lite initial <5 min 30 min last.time great for day time Med use if a you're looking for a quick short initial rush followed by a little off kilter for an half an hour this is what you want. Would get it again NOT in pre-roll”