Purple Wreck Reviews

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  • “Purple Wreck is one of my all-time favorite hybrids. It's a cross between Purple Urkle X Trainwreck, a little bit will keep you going but a lot will incapacitate you. This is a very strong strain that can be excellent for day or night use. With almost instant effects behind the eyes and in the temples, Purple Wreck works beautifully for relieving headaches as well as sinus and ocular pressure, but it is not for the f...”

  • “🎵..The name says It All, Exactly like I feel today, A purple WRECK!..💔 sooo I smoked a Fatty of this lovely Arizona Lady, now I'm Totally Wrecked in a Verrry Good way!!..still crying Purple Tears for my sweet Beloved💜PRINCE.. "Purple Rain, Purple Rain"🎶..When will this ache, this PAIN become like the Rain on my bedroom Door?..when will it hurt no More?.."When Doves Cry" Oh, Why??..The High is Really coming on,...”

  • “Had this as shatter. Smooth and delicious. Tasted like sweet grape/berries with a hint of tar. Gives it a subtle black licorice aftertaste. For like a sec or two. Not exactly like it but it's all I can think of to describe to a relatable flavor.”

  • “The phenotype that I purchsed had no purple tinge in it but this is by far the best product I have smoked. Has a sweet smell with an underlying odor of diesel. The PW relieved all my anxiety and lifted my spirits up and made me feel very well and happy. This strain also gave me lots of energy and my creative juices were unleashed. This medicine is, in my opinion, among the best.”

  • “I am a quad, smoked this with an mmj friend, and felt really good immediately but within a half hour or so, I was feeling extremely paranoid. Lasted perhaps an hour and after it faded I recognized my episode of paranoia. I don't know if it was just me, that day. I recommend this, it's powerful and tastes great, helped with muscle spasms etc. very well, and say just be aware of the possible paranoid feelings. Have ...”

  • “I ordered some Purple Wreck (aka Paisley No.2 in Tweed's lingo) from the LP Tweed, and I would have to say that this is probably one of their better strains. The buds were mostly a deep purple with some green and a light dusting of trichromes. The buds were bone dry and after smoking left a decently clean gray ash. Taste was hints of blueberry on the exhale. The effects were mild, requiring several bowls to feel a ...”

  • “burned really bad- as in horrible dry mouth and feelin like it scorched my tongue. also burned p fast, and hits hard. but, it makes me feel happy and inspired and relaxed, which is def what i need. made me go from depressed college student who just lost a pet to a giggly weirdo distracted from the pain of it”

  • “I've never smoked train wreck before, but now understand where the "wreck" part comes in. I smoked half a joint of organically grown and properly cured bud. Its one of those weeds that hits you so hard that you dont even realize you're high until about 15 min into the high. It made me talkative, and helped me through some slight depression.”