Querkle Reviews

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  • “This definitely hit me more as a sativa than an indica. I felt the head high way more than the body which was a good experience. I felt super heightened awareness about everything around me and noticed things that I normally wouldn't about people. This is not a good weed to smoke if you want to interact with big groups, it's really good to meditate with and be alone with your thoughts or have a deep conversation with...”

  • “Totally great choice, you will wish you had more! Querkle is a very intense mood elevator. It gets you there without the heavy loss of energy. In fact, I think it is somewhat energizing even though it is great as a nightcap to help sleep deeply. Querkle is a bit psychedelic, enhancing colors and flavors making your experience of life more enjoyable. This is one of my top ten choices overall.”

  • “This is quite the unique strain I must say. The smoke was a bit harsh, but the effects were very different than from what I've experienced in other strains, and especially for an Indica dominant strain. Querkle is without a doubt the most uplifting strain I've experienced, but without being overbearing, sedating or couch locking. It simply just brings up your happiness levels, I found my thoughts automatically optimi...”

  • “Great long lasting indica dominant breed! I used to be totally into sativa buds, but that was cause I was addicted to spice at the time and preferred the "trippy speedy" head high. But then I came across the worst pain I ever felt; irritable bowel syndrome. It's going to eventually progress to chron's disease, but even now cramping and muscle spasms and pain are among the symptoms. My dispensary's owners daughter tol...”

  • “Querkle helped a lot with the pain caused by my occipital neuralgia. Helped me with inflammation, headaches, tension and trouble sleeping. If you have things to do during the day like work, appointments, errands.. I would not use Querkle as it hits me more as of an Indica than a Sativa. I was able to socialize and not be couch locked but It felt like I was in a haze a couple times. I find there is a thin line betwe...”

  • “Updating now that ive been using this strain for a while (daily for about 3 months) to say i still love it but in different ways. Still loving that it doesnt make me dizzy easily which i have issues with and thats its not a hit you like a train kind of feeling. As ive developed a bit of tolerance (new medical user as of Feb 2014) after several months is daily use this has moved from a strictly PM med to my resuce m...”

  • “Beautiful smelling dank that leaves you entertained by practically everything. This was my first encounter and I loved it. Things were bright and everything seemed just out of my reach. Near the peak, I started to get a bad case of the super munchies for everything that smelled delicious. Flavors were explosive and I savored my food more than I thought possible. End of the high was very relaxing, putting me into the ...”

  • “This is a potent, relaxing, mostly-sleepy indica with a bit of a clear streak. The 20% sativa is apparent and this is not as foggy as some other strong indicas, but it will definitely put you out if you let it. It's the perfect strain for unwinding and melting into the couch while allowing you to stay awake to enjoy a book... at least for a little while. The immediate high is more full-body-loosening than sleepy, but...”