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Quin-N-Tonic Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Quin-N-Tonic is the most effective strain I've used for treating my Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I used this strain during a rather severe Anxiety Attack; to my amazement after only smoking about 0.2g the Anxiety was COMPLETELY GONE!!! It's terpene profile is reminiscent of blueberry pancakes with sweet & earthy undertones.”

  • “Quin-N-Tonic is my favorite of the 4-5 high CBD strains I've tried... it's a mix of dark green, purple and almost blue hues and smells almost sweet. The addition of cannatonic to Harlequin reduced the face-melty, hard-to-focus quality I dislike in Harlequin. I ended up mixing a couple grams with some Bay 11 and it made for an incredibly relaxing, happy, clear headed smoke.”

  • “excellent strain. nice red hairs and tight buds. it smells mild but smokes smooth. it's a very enjoyable hybrid and good for any time of the day”

  • “I like this strain a lot because it is a very relaxing and mellow strain. Doesn't really make you feel "high" due to the fact that it is a CBD dominant strain. I would recommend to anyone dealing with stress or anxiety.”

  • “This is my bud version of a Tylenol and Xanax smashed together. This has to be my go to for extreme anxiety/pain relief. A few hits of this is enough to bring me down from (or stop at onset) a panic attack which is amazing. Bright orange hairs all throughout the dense yet fluffy nugs. Slight "cat piss" aroma which I associate with the Quin part of this Tonic, however the taste is still enjoyable. Great to ease racy ...”

  • “Got really high on this. Smells and tastes amazing. To stoned to write anymore. Wow.”

  • “I love this one for pain and anxiety. Left me nice and relaxed. Nice body high.”

  • “Hit hard with big insights, and then landed me softly in my bed like a baby. I wouldn't recommend this one for depression, it wasn't particularly uplifting. But if you're needing clarity or help sleeping, Quin is wise and soft.”