Qush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “any strain that combines Space Queen is going to be in my quiver. absolutely fantastic effects. quelled my stomach problems instantly.”

  • “got some and if you want a good night sleep well worth it but you fall sleep right away it made me uplifting and want to play games well get it again”

  • “Really fire looking buds with lots of orange hairs, yet not super frosty looking. Smells great and draws great. Total body high with great pain relief. My face felt numb in a good way. Definitely a night time strain, unless you like being a zombie around people.”

  • “Can't relax, need to unwind? Quash it all with Qush. A great tasting, smooth smoking old genetic strain that will take the edge off. Indica dominate but not couch locking. Kills pain and stress related illnesses. Great mood promoter and helps dull unwanted thoughts. Not the best pick for work or school, ideal for weekends, week nights and other special occasions.”

  • “Floral, smells sweet and fresh, citrus. Effects- happy, relaxed, calm, slightly tired after a couple hours, easy to get up and do things, No negatives experienced thus far.”

  • “Exceptionally tasty, very calming”

  • “Great strain for after surgery helps better than all the prescription meds I was prescribed for pain, nausea, and anxiety. Also great for sleeping without it, woke up every hour on the hour and smoking before bed helped me get a solid sleep of six hours.”

  • “Not the hardest hitter but good for an all day smoke. very smooth with an earthy/musty scent.”