Rare Darkness Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Bright Dark Purple with tangy after tone sweet vibe smells like sweet grape berries with and earthy background taste is a sweet spicy berry that is pungent every hit leaving you numb and very relaxed specifically in the legs”

  • “💥 Decided to give this sweet grape/berry-flavored, heavy-hitting indica another try bc my 1st experience/review was a mere 2✨— NOT an enjoyable/successful (pain, anxiety, stress, nausea-relief) strain. So when I discovered that my favorite grower produced RD (they also happen to produce not only THE tastiest, yummiest oils available in CT, but now the ONLY oils I will buy [•—> CURALEAF has ruined me for all others...”

  • “Tried this as 'crumble' Great body high, complete relaxation but not super stoney behind the eyes or in the head. Cozy! Truly a perfect strain for concentrated forms of medicine. Whether crumble, wax, budder... if you get the chance, defiantly recommend!”

  • “Man oh man ! Where doni begin with Rare Darkness !? I'll start by saying shoutout to Rare Dankness Seeds for this Killer Strain also My local Dispensary The Verdes Foundation for keeping this strain available as much as posible in every form i'll include ! This has become one of my all time favorite indica strains mainly because of its awesome grape purple ish taste & the high potency it packs. {RD} works great insom...”

  • “I have found Rare Darkness to be a great bedtime snack, definitely not recommended for day use unless a nap is what you are looking for.”

  • “This is a fantastic nighttime smoke. One bowl and I'm toast. Definitely a strain to put into your bedtime routine.”

  • “Not sweet or diesel. Small, dense, kief covered nugs. Ground up was mostly green with dark, dark purple pieces. Slightly peppery notes to faint grape gum flavor. Excellent production from the vape. Calm, peaceful high.”

  • “I really like this one. It gave me a heavy head high while feeling physically fine. I don't get too hungry, which I like. I noticed a distortion of time as well. Moderately good for pain control, great to curb anxiety. Heightened senses too.”