Raspberry Kush Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Raspberry kush is on fleek. Just what I needed after a long week of campaigning. It's got a pretty high THC content (19.88%) for an Indica. Remember kids - this shit is lit, fam. Have fun being horny and hungry!”

  • “Looks: Dense light green nugs with dark orange hairs and light purple in the inside with even a hint of some light pink. Smell: Pine-Sol smell, with a strong raspberry yogurt smell as soon as you break open a nug. Taste: Very smooth for how hard it hits you, very tasty kush taste with a light after taste of raspberry yogurt. Buzz Type: Really strong indica effects but you can definitely tell that there is so...”

  • “This is my new favorite strain! I smoke the flower for anxiety, depression and PTSD. This beautiful strain instantly made me more relaxed than I have possibly ever been. It is great for muscle tension and a racing mind. Everything tastes better, smells better, feels better sounds better and my worried mind finally gets a break. My creativity level is at an all time high. After years of powerful medications with awful...”

  • “Migraine pain undeterminable; nausea 8 when I medicated round 0600 or so. Takes bout 10 min to start working. Pain gone; nausea all but gone (3-4). Nausea has been really awful period; no matter what. No anxiety/paranoia which is a Godsend for me. Body high allowed me to get some much needed sleep as I slept really poor last night. Head high heavy as hell which is exactly what I needed/wanted. Top quality sleeper bud...”

  • “Now I have tried the Select Strains' vape concentrate of Raspberry Kush, but the flower Razzberry Kush might be different, I'm not sure, though they do seem to share a lot of qualities so I'm reviewing it here. I picked up this indica flower at Glisan Buds, it is stinky dank, and what I am smoking tonite. The bud smells like deep, ripe raspberry with masculine musk undertones. The first inhale goes on like a velvet g...”

  • “If I could give this one 6 stars I would. I highly recommend this one for body pain. Its magnificent anti anxiety with a natural and effective calming effect. Raspberry kush is the very definition of a strain that "melts the days troubles away" was also terrific at shutting off my hamster wheel brain of problems and crisis that is just a part of life all us adults must face head on. Raspberry kush is the very best at...”

  • “Strain: Razberry Kush THC: 20.01% CBD: 0.61% Grower: Unknown Location found: Natural Wonders Date purchased: 2.19.16 Price: $31.50 with discount on an ⅛th Method of Consumption: Bic lighter (until Herb Iron is returned from the shop) and a small Trixter glass bong Smell: It lives up to the name; straight up berries. Fruit and flowery highlights. This smells like dessert at a fine restaurant. The smell also retrieve...”

  • “This is the best strain for anxiety I've eve smoked, and it really does taste like Rasberry.”