Reclining Buddha Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “First time trying this, I'm a novice smoker. I felt really relaxed, incredible body high like you took some sedatives. I literally tried to stand up and my legs felt like Jell-O. I'm a new smoker and this was ground up with a plastic grinder and smoke with hemp wick in an average sized Sherlock bubbler. I'm definitely getting more of this, I was really sick from getting very little sleep for the past few days and was...”

  • “LOVE this. Great night time smoke. Very aroused and low inhibitions. Slept great and had deep thoughts.”

  • “Really exceptional strain of indica. I was having a depressive episode and this beautiful strain cradled me into its arms and carried me to a fluffy bed of clouds. With enough mental clarity to still contemplate life. Lulled me to sleep shortly after. This was recommended to me over Grand Daddy Purple for its flavor and smell, and I'll have to agree. There's a sweet floral quality to the sharp sour punch that's plea...”

  • “Absolutely my favorite strain ever. You really do get to see it's arousal effects so a great one when with your partner (or by yourself tbh) But has given me some of the best body highs i've ever had; it's truly out of this world. I only bought a gram of it from the dispensary that was carrying it around me and now they're sold out so I have the little tiny bit I have left for a special occasion.”

  • “Just tried it tonight after reading all the reviews. Halfway through the bowl and I'm feeling relaxed, mellow and chill. I'm guessing the other half will lock me in if I allow it to, but otherwise I could just glide along like Casper in a nice hazy mist.”

  • “This is that s*** you've been searching for. Pain? What's that? Everything is chill with this strain. I am very satisfied and will be getting more soon.”

  • “It's very relaxing and good for when you don't want to do much but rest and laugh. It did help a little with my pain and discomfort from being in a motorcycle accident. It tastes nice and sweet. It has a nice smell as well. The smoke is a little thick and drys your mouth out. I'd say a good strain for stress and discomfort. Not full on pain.”

  • “Absolutely my favorite indica ive tried thus far. I smoked one blunt and flew off into a haze with a deeply relaxed (almost out of body) experience. Then i proceeded to smoke another one which made me feel like i was mid- astral projection. This strain is extremely potent and would be great for meditation and relaxation while also being an amazing pain reliever. Truly an experience!”