Recon Reviews

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  • “Recon wax from Tumbleweed- Edwards, C.O. Wow. If you're looking for an indica for pain relief, relaxation, hunger, or sleep you need to try this strain. Multiple nights in a row I've fallen asleep with my shoes on to wake up around 6 hours later like 'wtf happened?!?' There's little to no head high with this but the body buzz is pretty incredible and it hits you almost instantly. There's also this nice earthy, s...”

  • “I have an atypical headache disorder; headaches 24/7 for past 30+ yrs, nothing shows on any scans, is annoying/frustrating. Recon is *very* effective at relieving my headaches... not even the best prescription meds (not including knockout-blow opiate-based scripts) can begin to match its effectiveness. No side effects or complications noticed, at least not based on my "two healthy hits in any 3 hr period". Also loo...”

  • “Bruh. Hands down, one of the dopest dopes I've ever smoked. First few minutes I smoked it I felt sober then I got steam rolled by it and couldn't even talk right. Great for most kinds of pain, nausea or aches. Also recommend for sleep and depression, made me a bit anxious though. Smoking works well but best results were through vaping for me.”

  • “Recon was great for relieving my pain, insomnia and anxiety. A very peaceful effect, it did not cause paranoia or disorientation. It was a very relaxing medicine that provided me with an almost meditative state. The smell has the character of an OG with a musky melon smell. The flowers are a beautiful blend of red hairs, frosty light green and purple hues.”

  • “It gave me a very relaxed high and was extremely mellow. Definitely recommend if you're just looking to chill and not really do anything active. It's also great for insomnia for sure. I deem this strain boat times worthy!”

  • “Because this hits so strong at the start, it would often bring on a bit of paranoia for me. Sometimes would be left with a headache after the buzz wore off.”

  • “Great flavor and high all together. Very relaxing and mellow for working on a computer.”

  • “Smells like heavy orange oil, citrus, vanilla, mold, dank basement. Tastes like Clove. Mint, exhale: Hemp taste. Spice, heavy coughing. Is a good transitional between the daytime meds and the nighttime meds. You're feeling good and can still function and get things done with it. I noticed some pain relief, but not as much as others. Maybe more recreational.”