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Red Dwarf Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My first time trying Red Dwarf, and the smell and taste of it is great. It has that flowery/earthy taste and gives such a mellow high, with a longing after your bed after a couple of hours Will definitely be trying this one again! 👍”

  • “Perfect strain for first time growers. I harvested 1kg (wet) from 5 plants with a 250W sodium kit. Not so strong high, it allows you to talk, relax and enjoy with friends. We just loved it!!”

  • “A very subtle high which isn't too aggressive, which makes me feel less mongy. Its chilled and giggly. The fact Red Dwarf has a lower THC content is quite nice in contrast to stronger strains. Sometimes a strong cerebral or body high can leave you feeling tired, but this is very manageable, but very nice.”

  • “Wery good in taste . But structure of the buds could be more harder , if you know what i mean ;) Sorry for my eanglish .”

  • “Great Buddha Seeds' strain”

  • “Good strain to enjoy music with your friends, laughin' on the couch while eatin' as many pizza slices as your stomach can afford”

  • “Was quite enjoyable okay overall but made me feel paranoid as fuck ...”

  • “Really enjoyed this strain. Got a very long bud today and decided to smoke it. First off, this bud was nice and soft to the touch, not wet, but perfectly cure. So many trichomes it shone in the light of my friend's basement. Then there were these beautiful, Blood Orange hairs that covered the bud so perfectly. It was almost as if it were a symmetrical creation. I also noticed on some spots on the bud, were light tint...”