Red Dwarf Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really enjoyed this strain. Got a very long bud today and decided to smoke it. First off, this bud was nice and soft to the touch, not wet, but perfectly cure. So many trichomes it shone in the light of my friend's basement. Then there were these beautiful, Blood Orange hairs that covered the bud so perfectly. It was almost as if it were a symmetrical creation. I also noticed on some spots on the bud, were light tint...”

  • “Good strain to enjoy music with your friends, laughin' on the couch while eatin' as many pizza slices as your stomach can afford”

  • “Planta pequeña, discreta para cultivadores con poco espacio, pero con un olor que atraerá a curiosos indeseados. No fiarse de su tolerancia a plagas, así que tener cuidado con la mal deseada botritis. ¿Olor? Uff! ¿Sabor? Dulce con toques terrosos ¿Colocón? Difícil de explicar, por una parte, al fumarla con alguien de confianza expande el diálogo y las risas sin dejar de estar con la mente girando, en cambio, al fuma...”

  • “Pretty Good, very similar to Bubba Kush; Darker Green with Red Hairs. Lasted about a solid hour give or take.”

  • “absolutely Amazing”

  • “Hard to find but definitely a must. Good for relaxing but not going to sleep right away. I always get it when I can find it. Definitely one of my personal favorites.”

  • “absolutely amazing!!!”

  • “Great Buddha Seeds' strain”