Rockbud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Rockbud it's a very very good strain that is a auto flower that's grows bud 8 weeks from germination very dense and harvest a big yield.”

  • “Very nice strain. Genetics are Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean-Afghani x Afghani Hawaiian and it was bred by Soma A+ Seeds. They say its an 80% indica but it really felt a lot more like a hybrid, definitely some noticeable sativa effects. My mind was very uplifted, my mood was better, everything was bright and happy. Not a mind blowingly awesome strain, but excellent for a rainy day.”

  • “was a little unsure at first but was great.”

  • “Despite being an indica, this has a very nice head high. I felt extremely creative and euphoric. My head felt warm and nice. It was very strong there, and I felt a good body high as well. Overall, very nice.”

  • “This is a very nice indica strain with a strong kush flavor. Buds are dense and super aromatic especially when ground, amazing when enjoyed in a blunt or a bong. One too many bowls will put you right to sleep but otherwise it is a nice mellow relaxing high that will definitely have you chillin”

  • “This strain is powerful. The taste is smooth. End of the day is the best time to partake. I find it to be very helpful for my neuropathy pain.”

  • “Very euphoric head high and warm body high. My whole brain felt waves of warmth. The headache on the comedown is intense though. Still unsure if the high is worth the effects on the comedown”

  • “First of all, if you just had a few bowl of this lady, you have about an hour before hitting bed maybe half an hour more maximum. This is a hard hitter very stoned buzz, perfect for pain, stress and insomnia. In term of taste, it's very herbal and skunky, not very impressive but it does the painkilling job flawlessly.”