Rocklock Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “So I'm usually a sativa fan who only uses Indica strains on the rare occasions when I need help sleeping. I picked this strain up from my ld when I asked the bud tender to recommend a energetic hybrid. Let me say "wow". This bud is awesome if you need to get things done while enjoying a balanced head and body high. I found that if you add one or two more hits than normal you get an incredible pulsing from head to toe...”

  • “delicious flavor, smells very fruity. would definitely get again.”

  • “Nothing but great things to say about this strain. Nice chill feeling with a little bit of couch lock; Not completely, but enough. I tried to watch Jeopardy and that wasn't happening, so this is not a strain to go to class on! Over all one of the best medications for me to date.”

  • “Best of both worlds. Sativa-ee indica. Very balanced in terms overall everything. Well done.”

  • bml

    “Very light, euphoric high. Went on a nice trip, spoke to a lot of close friends and slept very nicely.”

  • “Long story, but got stuck with four grams of this without sampling first. I was about to be upset till i gave it a try. Lovely taste. High comes on strong. Intensifies gradually so good to sit at least a min. Happy with my purchase. U too will be pleased.”

  • “I was already pretty stoned when I first tried Rocklock but from what I felt this was a nice strain for me. Mellowed me out, minor energy boost, sweet taste and aroma. Great bud”

  • “Great herb for creativity and motivation.”