Rockstar Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super pungent skunky smell, with the classic spicy kush finish from it's bubba parent. Really sticky, dense, resinous buds with a thick coat of crystals. Very strong, BC Rockstar is definitely not for the beginner smoker, but is a good appetite stimulant, and good for those who need strong medication for pain and insomnia.”

  • “love lovelove love love love love love it, would die for it, would even go out of my way to recreate the universe for a gram of this stuff. love it.”

  • “Had Rockstar OG around new year. Had a lot of stressful moment at that moment that prevented me from sleeping well until I met that strain! It kills the stress, anxiety, pain and put you to sleep right away in 30 minutes to and hour and 15 minutes. Taste Earth, Sweet and hoppy/skunky pine. Definitely a night strain so avoid for the day but so good!”

  • “A superb indica for evening and night time use. This strain will have you feeling relaxed in no time, and provides a slight but noticeable euphoria. There do not appear to be any apetite stimulating effects, (only mildly in large doses). A pleasant smelling strain with deep earth and skunk characteristics, finishing with a slight woody fragrance. Overall a solid choice for anyone looking for an imdica that won't have...”

  • “rockstar kush has a super earthly bubba smell skunky with a nutty undertone. just an overall good funky kush smell if you smoke a lot of kush and know what im talking about. super sleepy strictly nighttime use only or your going to be glued to couch all day seems like a good strain for pain but gives me a little anxiety witch people normally say indicas help with anxiety but sativas help me more not sure why I think...”

  • “Heavy hitting indica make sure to have a clear schedule”

  • “Wow, just the smell of this one alone is reason to try it; probably one of the best and strongest smelling bud I've tried. But it doesn't stop there, It's got a very powerful high to it as well. It's also very sticky stuff probably one of the easiest strains to roll up a nice fatty with. Super relaxing, great to sit back and listen to your favorite music and just enjoy yourself.”

  • “I had Rockstar OG and I find myself always come back to this strain for my night time sessions. It packs a really strong punch like most favoured indica's. I would say the benefits of this strain are for insomnia, stress, anxiety, OCD, and just generally slowing you down. I have bipolar 2 disorder, so this was good for my racing thoughts. I did attempt to smoke this during the morning and day time and I would not rec...”