Rollex OG Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A Thought provoking head high takes over during the first 10-20 minutes until it slowly leads you in to a state of blissfully gigglyness and relaxation. A good indica strain to pass around friends.”

  • “Tried it in Amsterdam from 1e hulp. Great stuff very tasty and strong!”

  • “I saw things.... epic kush”

  • “Best Indica I've ever smoked. Starts with a fun, short, sativa-y head high, but quickly moves into total couch lock. Great for sitting around a coffeeshop.”

  • “-really dank -has a super great taste smell, -gnar gnar”


  • “Quite strong sensations from the Rollex. Very mellowing body effects that later turn into ultimate couch lock. If you want to get any thing done you had better do it very soon after you smoke. Although the body is lazy and painless your mind on the other hand will be working overtime on all kinds of crazy schemes and ideas. Very hard hitting and long lasting.”

  • “I love the strong grape flavor and powerful cerebral punch. Great strain”