Rose Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “By Citizen Kane's burning sled, that's some good bud! Definitely has a potpourri of floral notes when smoked accompanied by initial spike of euphoric energy and creativity. Rosebud is no pansy, however. It knocks out pain and delivers a deep sleep, relaxed sleep. Does skunk up the place so be warned. Also, no munchies, which is a big plus for an Indica like this. Orson Well's would be proud.”

  • “By Citizen Kane's flaming sled, that's some good bud! A crazy high Indica mix that taste like smoking a potpourri (pun intended) of flower petals with a whiff of light incense. Quite a bit of creative fireworks to boot via shot-lived,intense energy spike. Would not say this a super-social strain but packs quite punch to pain. Could also be good for a solitary meditation.”

  • “This strain is an Indica, which I'm not a fan of. But it had an earthy and flowery taste. The smell wasn't as pungent as others. It was cured correctly and wasn't dry. All over, I'd give this strain 3 stars.”

  • “I gave this strain 4 stars because I barely rolled a .5 and still got a pretty good buzz. It's kind of heady and affects your mental; not tremendously though. One thing I did notice; that kind of (threw me off), was that the smell was really faint. This is the kind of strain you can smoke in public and nobody will really notice. Another thing; it was kind of crunchy like (mid). Don't underestimate it from its look an...”

  • “Love this Flower by far my favorite for my pain and stress. Makes my day easier and my pain level drops to a 3 when I function on a 9 everyday. Love the smell and the buds. It's like having your own 12 dozen Roses. Lol! Taste is sweet,smell relaxing,uplifting, motivating. Since it's spring, kinda puts a twist on stop and smell the roses instead smoke this Rose Bud Happy Spring!!!”

  • “Delicious strain, both in smell and taste. I vaped at 360(F) before bedtime and fell asleep quickly and slept through the night with NO stone-over effect in the AM.”

  • “Good bud, really unique nose. Smells different top different people, some pick up the perfumy roseyness, while others just get beef jerky. Fantastic happy relaxing effects.”

  • “I'm generally a sativa guy but we gave this a try. The name couldn't be more accurate. Light smooth and floral smoke. Tastes exactly like the name suggests. Feels a little more like a sweet hybrid. Not blasted but good afternoon kind of medicine.”