Satellite OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “it's fuckin dope DOPE DOPE.. get it for sure..”

  • “The wife was at a loss and said her feelings were accurate to the leafly description. I agree for the most with exception of taste candy yes fruity but not piney. Pungent smell but not skunky?? Lasts long.”

  • “Oh this I think is my fav! so smooth going down and the flavors are so nice! high was a nice light indica, was still relaxed and pain free but not glued to the couch. Def keeping a steady supply of this!”

  • “definitely for the OG lovers out there!”

  • “Super Fire !!!!! Wow wow wow wow best stuff I have ever smoked. Was really high as a satellite.”

  • “Amazing High and Taste! One of the Best. Not the greatest nose👃🏼 but other than that a really amazing strain.”

  • “Gorgeous honeycomb concentrate from Emerald avenue courtesy of bhomb squad. Overwhelming flavor of skunk, I mean really really strong, so much so that it took me several sessions to identify the strong pine and mint notes that reveal them and dominate the exhale. This one seems to be very very good for my pain. It's been a long painful week at work and this one promises to put me in a coma tonight. Probably not goo...”

  • “I'm not usually the biggest fan of og's but this one is something else. Flavor is on a whole 'nother level. I can't say anything as far as appearance of the flower since this was a concentrate but it's beautiful and I'm high as a damn satellite”