Sexxpot Reviews

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  • “Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. As a former pot grower I can say without any reservation that this is marketing bullshit. Imagine if you will starting from the notion "I want to make a pot that causes female orgasm" and using standard cross breeding (brushing pollen from selected males onto selected females and growing the plant to produce seeds, then planting those seeds, growing weed to bud, smoking it and testing it ...”

  • “This strain iz hella denk”

  • “I don't know if I grabbed the same sexpot, but what I've got is more sativa than indica, and I really did like it. Felt very high but could still be productive... good mood, finding everything more interesting... I'd definitely recommend this for someone looking for a good hybrid, party weed, or for creative activities.”

  • “hello sexy! showed up in l.c. with crazy test scores, albq. s didn't score this high. Nice compact nugs, nice aroma. Wife said it helped focus. No dice on getting her in the mood, but never had a problem. thanks hot stuff!”

  • “Just picked some up yesterday...really chill and relaxed...highly recommend...gonna try to smoke some with my girl tonight 😎”

  • “smells danky af but has a soury-skunky smell& taste to it.”

  • “skunky and harsh...but mellow...time to cuddle”

  • “I am a newbie to MMJ. I've had chronic pain issues since 2009, when I was hit on the freeway. This is the only strain I have found so far that helps relive my muscle pain without causing a headache. I vape and this strain gives me a nice fuzzy feeling where I get relief even after the high wears off. Recommend this strain to others suffering muscle spasms, and "triggers".”