SFV OG Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “You better get your wheelchair now, because you will need it. Smoked this bud with a friend at his trailer park while a bunch of senior citizens walked by, and they knew that we had that good good lmao. Anyways, this bud WILL give you a couch lock high, so beware. The flowers that I got were SUPER dense, rock solid. Super frosty nugs, you could definitely tell that they were an Og. This high creeped in on me, slowly ...”

  • “This one oddly gives me energy for an Indica. It helps me chillout and enjoy activities, like dancing in the grocery store, which is the only legal place a grown man is allowed to enjoy Taylor Swift, which is the real crime here.”

  • “Wonderful come on! A warm, tropical tidal wave of euphoria carries you off oh so gently in it's embrace. Everything's soft, supple...literally feel embraced by a blanket. Soothing fuzzies cascade over your body. EVERYTHING feels good physically. The flawless, uplifted, and encouraging high would likely make sex down right transcendent. Sound is easily the best I've ever heard (second maybe to Pre-98 Bubba Kush?). Mus...”

  • “Holy amazing sleep, Batman! SLEEPIES!! This knocked my ass OUT - I haven't slept in 2 days and this let me sleep for 7 hours straight, didn't even move. Super important different between this 'Kush' and regular OG.... Smelled like pine, a bit pungent, woody, lemon/citrus, and a slight herbal scent with a little spicy kick. This OG Kush combination is an amazingly super light and smooth smoke! Packed 1/2 a bowl and it...”

  • “Classic "Kush" flavor with a nice fuel undertone. Delicious smoke, but definitely a strain name that gets thrown around a lot. And by that I mean you see "SFV OG" on a lot of menus but when you see a good representation of this strain you can easily tell because it is quite a beautiful flower with a lime green color & reddish, orangish hairs on top of plump calyxes. And those are the times when u definitely wanna pic...”

  • “This is a creeper...takes about an hour to really kick in. And when it does get ready to EAT!! Total munchies. I was watching every food channel I could find. Great strain. Doesn't kick your ass , great if you are going out but want to be mellow. I use it right before dinner and after that I can just kick back on the couch and relax. Easy to go right to sleep. I only smoke at night and this is a perfect fit for me...”

  • “Excellent taste and smell. Very energetic high, helped work thru the pain working in the yard. Got a lot of work done!! Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley! S.F.V.”

  • “If you've read my past reviews, I try to be specific to the strain, where it's genetics came from and my experience using and growing them. This review is for SFV OG Kush and my lower than average rating isn't because I find bad samples of this strain, it's because this strain is very difficult to cultivate consistent good samples and is a very hard strain to grow for the more experienced grower that is willing to ta...”