Shishkaberry Reviews

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  • “I ate dirt because I thought my breath smelled of weed in public. Yeah, I was that high.”

  • “Shishkaberry is a fusion of Blueberry and Afghani... One of the most well known, hybrid strains to date! I believe it's the most beautiful strain I've ever seen. This strain is packed with multi colored leaves and hairs from purple and blue to pink and orange. The smell is unlike any other... A blast of tangy fruit and fresh roses. The taste is very earthy and leaves you with a rather pleasant after taste =) Sh...”

  • “After a few weeks with access to only Girl Scout Cookie and Jack Herer as a medical/recreational user, my tolerance was up (and really, sativas aren't the best for me anyway). Last night I got my hands on some perfectly cured Shishkaberry. One hit and ten minutes (I think? Time kinda ... smooshed? :p) later I was having to pry my eyes open with my fingers then force myself to type what I hope was a coherent mess...”

  • “really like this strain, one of my favorite of the many berry strains out there and of DJ shorts in particular. very nice fruity, almost grape berry flavor with a slight skunk hash hint if flavor. usually pick up if it is a good batch I'm very picky what u get at dispensary's since I grow my own also, but this is one I get when it's good. very relaxing and calming effect both in mind and body, very good all-round str...”

  • “This strain is advertised as 80/20 Indica dominant, but it seems to be closer to 50/50. Sativas tend to make me a bit nervous and shaky especially when I'm alone, so I prefer to medicate with mild Indicas later in the evening. This Shiskaberry, from Fweedom co-op, looks and smells a lot like the popular "B.C. Bud" smuggled across the Canadian border during the 1990's. There must have been additional Sativa genetic...”

  • “Migraine pain 6; nausea 9 when I medicated round 2100 or so. Takes bout 10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (an absolute must for me). Body high a lil heavier than I remembered but still very nice! Head high knocked my @## out, oops! Don't think my hubby was planning on that, lol! Still highly recommend for nighttime/bedtime use for pain/nausea/anxiety!”

  • “Just found this and it is phenomenal new favorite! Great to smoke finish the dishes then hit the couch for some serious couch surfing. I you can find if you will covet it.”

  • “An amazing strain up there in the highest echelons. Excellent hybrid with great head high with terrific observational/perceptive enhancement as well as a nice warm body buzz which will leave you relaxed and comfortable. Recommended enthusiastically.”