Shiva Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sharp, strong smell on beautiful looking buds. Very smooth, my buddy is normally a big cougher but he didn't have any trouble ripping this. The high was surprisingly clear-headed and alert for an Indica, which I find usually puts me to sleep. We giggled and talked and brainstormed for our D&D game, then I left for a date feeling completely relaxed. To quote my buddy on this: "I'm fucked up, but I feel like I can s...”

  • “This strain was one of the first ones I ever obtained, and it has always been a favorite. Clean, happy, clearheaded stone with only a little bit of laziness as it wears off. Potent medicine for anxiety and stress. Helpful with pain, but more useful just to help you relax.”

  • “Beautiful buds, nice aroma, smooth and tasty smoke. Struck me as a social herb, not overpowering or too long lasting. A definite "mental health" herb, have the eye drops and a snack handy. Day use ok.”

  • “A very distinctive, skunky fumey smell that can make your nose hairs dance. Nice controllable high, tingly body rush with a buzz that's heavy yet easy to focus with. Red eyes that are glazed like dunkin donuts and a dry mouth make this one a noticeable high. Pretty good shit.”

  • “I thought I was a skunk. I would freeze and stare at people when they crossed me in the streets and then scurry off into a bush”

  • “My personal number one.can't get careful though,smoke too much and you become narcaleptic.”

  • “For me this was an awesome strain. No paranoia, not to racy, not to sleepy. Nice focused, mellow and happy strain. I would Highly recomend it to anyone who likes these effects. Not a super strong strain from the typical high sense but effective in the effects of relaxation and mellow focus.”

  • “Nice relaxing cerebral high at first then slowly moves down the body, some nice euphoric sensations are starting, beginning to get hungry even though I just ate, very strong chronic pain relief, my mood is uplifted.”