Silverback Gorilla Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Silverback Gorrila is one strain the I can definitely say gets me really aroused when I smoke it. I also walked around a fair bit feeling really wise, and felt none of my usual depression or anxiety. The one thing I can say about it though, is that it made me NEED water very badly, so I would reccommend smoking this only if you have lots to drink on hand.”

  • “I got this at the HT CC as Veganic Silverback Grape Ape from Buds and Roses and it was fn great! The effects of the indica and haze strangely don't overlap. I felt the deep body pain relief as well as the dreamy head change. Usually hybrids, for me, have the effect of the dominant strain, but Silver Back Gorilla was balanced. Great strain! Will be making the drive when I run out.”

  • “The staff at my local dispensary suggested this strain for my Lupus and Fibromyalgia pains. I was not disappointed. The first time I tried this flower I had had a bad episode earlier that day. My body was wracked with pain and my muscles were so cramped that I was also having deep tissue spasms and twitches. My pain did not completely diminish. However my pain level went from not being able to function or speak to a...”

  • “My absolute favorite Indica, especially for those who suffer from insomnia! I wake up the next day feeling rested and not groggy.”

  • “Great strain. Knocks me right out. Tastes kind of like pine but It's delicious though. Smells like wood!”

  • “First of all, I was told it was a sativa, and it definitely felt like it (although I took a LOONG nap once it started wearing off). Anyways, it made me really horny at first, lol. I was also paranoid about my throat closing up.”

  • “Incredibly powerful indica (though more technically a high indica dominant hybrid). Much like its namesake, it is too strong for its own good - which makes it exceptional. Also tough to find this in its authentic form. But when you do find it, you'll know once you wake up scratching your head! As an aside, I'm shocked at the ratings given here by users who simply don't enjoy a particular effect like sleep-inducing or...”