Sin City Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Been smoking for a good 20 years this was definitely a top 5 strain for me,, whoever grew this was professional the smell was intense and buds were dense with little to no stems.. The high is euphoric and gives a sense of well being wish I could get more!”

  • “I snuck 'round to the a.t.m. Sin City I could not condemn "The buds were dense The smell was intense And there were little to no stems!"”

  • “best strain yet a very heavy body high feels best after all daily activities are done makes you feel relaxed and uplifted best body high for me in my books”

  • “Very happy with this pick it helps me amazingly when I'm stressed or can't sleep and also i love how it makes me giggly its a fun relaxing high its a must try!”

  • “we're can I get some of this strain at please... @Golburrr”

  • “Nice kush flavor and a head hitter for sure. It put me in super relax mode”

  • “Great Indica, with some Sativa effects that give you a very cool high. Crazy crazy body sensations, that make it feel like you are covered in movement. Soft pressure all around my head as well.”

  • “Dank as fuk”