Snoop Dogg OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love Snoop OG! It is an amazing smoke: both taste and high! Not only does it have a bomb kush smell it really has sweet aftertaste! A full on body high, couch locked if you want, or adventurous. It has the ability to adapt to whatever you are doing! Daily smoker and I definitely reccomend!”

  • “Great head followed by relaxing feeling that alleviates pain, stress, and anxiety. Snoop Dogg OG has a powerful taste and pungent earthy smell. Continuous feeling of well being maintains for quite a while. This medicine made me hungry and relaxed at the same time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to see Phil at Bloom Dispensary in Sedona to hook you up with your medicinal needs.”

  • “Snoop Dog OG is a good strain for insomnia. It's also great for your body if you have any pain or inflammation.”

  • “Helps ease my advanced osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.”

  • “Our Red Rock roses have grown beautifully bonkers since my husbands SnoopDogg pruning last fall...seriously!!...How high can we get?...Verrrrry...Prime420 approved!”

  • “If you want to pass out and wake up 6 hours later fully clothed with your tv on full volume and all your lights on, this is the strain for you. Heavy indica. Does the trick for sure.”

  • “A very strong strain! Definitely helping me manage my chronic back pain and sciatica. Strong kottonmouth and nasty breath. Two hits helped manage my pain for hours. That's something not much strains have done for me.... I recommend this strain for that true body relaxation we back pain sufferers need.”

  • “Nice Indica. Comes on immediately. Nice body cslm”