Snow Leopard Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Tried this on a recommendation and will definitely be listening to anything that person tells me cuz this stuff is fire! The stuff is so covered in trichomes the entire bud takes on a frosty bluish tint to it to me it has a classic quality weed fragrance, kinda hashy, and sweet. The high starts out with a burst of energy and a pleasant mood kicks in as time goes on it becomes more relaxing and introspective it just s...”

  • “O my..crisp clean sharp crystallize taste on the intake...held with closed eyes and a slow exhale...after 2 pulls from a bowl u feel it flood over you...a strong calming body high..floaty and then the cerebral tingle, then the eyes feel a lil pressure..I was giddy and kept saying ..ahh yes..where has this one been all my smoking life...If you enjoy Indicas this one is GOOOOOOOD... ps- you get a lil peckish on this b...”

  • “I dabbed some wax and the feeling is GREAT; heavy Indica effects creep slowly toward a very high plateau that has me wanting to lie down for a cat nap.”

  • “holy sh3* this was so potent i ended up calling my buddy's to xome over and check it out and didn't realize until the last one left 4 hours later we smoked almost half the ounce. its straight dragon fire!”

  • “I was talked into trying this is flower and co2 wax. On both accounts it was exceptional and I commend the tender who made the recfomendation. I love this more than.any other strain im goimg back to spend my tax return and stock up.”

  • “very strong strain one of my favourite strains medium yield many slim tops of super coated very good smelling great to cross”

  • “I just picked this up. I have a super high tolerance and this one did it for me. a must have”

  • “hands down my favorite strain. I felt like I was in high school again hitting the bong for the first time. goet a nice heavy high that makes you drift off into thought.”