Snow Monster Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Snow Monster is amazing, very potent & now one of my favorites. For an Indica, I was able to stay active but yet was quite cerebral; it managed to take the edge off for several hours. I'm ADHD & a complex PTSD patient whose had several head injuries, it's hard to find a strain that can truly put you at ease like this one did.”

  • “This stuff is really good! Snow Monster = great stuff. Very uplifted. Took two hits off a small pipe while watching the sunset. Felt the effects immediately, and rode the high for hours before even coming next to leveling out. Felt a little high-energy—more cerebral and less relaxing than a lot of indicas. Very potent, though!”

  • “Can't find my way out of my thoughts, but I can feel everything.”

  • “tastes bad .... but u guys rock!!!!”

  • “Solid uplifting happy high. Tastes like dirty socks.”

  • “This is my first time trying this strain and I must say, it got me buzzin' all day. I love it.”

  • “These light green buds are nice and compact and round and dusted in white trichomes. They smell like cat piss and indeed the exhale is a little like dirty socks, but dam it's a hard hitter that's got me feelin no pain. Another A+ indica. Thanks TCC in Mesa!”

  • “One of the best high's you can get. it's some fire!!! #Wa”