Somango Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very fruity smell and taste. Produced a smooth vapor and had me medicated for up to 2 hours. Good for both daytime and nighttime use for me.”

  • “Created my own Cannabutter with this strain. From there I made cookies and chocolate bars, which I must say were really good. I felt very relaxed and chill but I was still able to function and focus if I needed to. I've got neck and back pain and this strain helps manage my pain.”

  • “This bud is awesome. Extremely relaxing and fruity aroma and flavor. Good for smoking with friends.”

  • “This is really good bud !”

  • “This strain effectively alleviates my neck pain and headaches. Also, I find the find the strain to be calming, something which may prevent racing thoughts and anxiety. If you have insomnia like me, I highly encourage you to medicate with SoMango first in the evening. Then, medicate with a pure Indica like Northern Lights right before getting into bed. So, in other words, SoMango provides a fantastic transition from ...”

  • “Una buena indica. Tiene unos cogollos gordos, de un color con colores narajas palido. He visto che tambien consigue tener cogollos bastante mas grande de los que he fumado yo Un olor muy suave, ligero, aunque si caracteristico. Como sensación sin duda se siente la relajación corporal. Muy interesante el hecho que no me ha secado demasiado la boca. La he fumado antes de ir a dormir y tengo que decir que me ha ajudado ...”

  • “The best by far in relaxing stuff i ever tried,i have trouble sleeping,this will get the pillbox off the table,this will be my medicen from now on ,-) Best ewning smoke!!”

  • “Great for pain and a very smooth hit it has.”