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Sour Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow ... Hard hitter. The usual evening toke turned into a psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole. Vaped this beauty, big flavors of lemon, citrus, diesel followed by a very earthy kush flavor. Started with a very heavy high behind the eyes and then ... blast off ...euphoria. I may have over indulged when I filled the volcano for the fifth time but I couldn't resist with this beauty. Great hybrid smoke started v...”

  • “This one hits hard, and hits good. I will definitely be visiting Sour Bubba again soon. The body effects are enchanting. You'll feel yourself floating after the first hit. You become "very aware of what your skeleton is doing," according to SWIM. It's "like you can feel the air on your skin and the hair on your legs growing." Your body will feel good, basically. The taste is great, hard to describe. Maybe like sal...”

  • “Great strain, nice pull capabilities, good tasting”

  • “Two of the greats! Combining strains surprisingly doesn’t always work as expected, so it’s extra special these two combine like they were made for each other. On their own, they’re each best of class - but together, they complement and fill in each other to create a wonderfully rounded experience. I lost half the high distractedly tending to my plants while smoking outside. Beautiful for nature in that it’s both visc...”

  • “great overall strain, at smaller doses the sour diesel heritage shines through, at higher doses however left me 100%couch-locked. nice crystal on the buds, a smooth and flavorful smoke.”

  • “This is probably within my top favorites. Although I'm more of a sativa person, this hybrid balance is perfect. After your first few hits you really start to feel it, hits pretty nicely. It's more of a cerebral heady high, yet your body feels fantastic, just floating and going with the flow. One recommendation I have while on this particular strain is STRETCH. You'll thank me later, and so will your muscles. The cere...”

  • “Hits soo good and quickly definitely peg it as a afternoon relaxation and just be gone off one j”