Sour Bubble Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “You can smell the stuff from a mile away! The high slowly creeps up on you but then when it hits you it's nothing less then devastating, hits you hard! ( I'm fucked up but I'm cool with it though) then you start to settle down into an really chill/relaxing high. I definitely recommend smoking this after a long hard day working.”

  • “One of my Favorites. Also peaches and cream and white widow. In Roseburg if we have to purchase our med's, which I don't, as I have a caregiver who is good, it's only $160 oz. I like that! You charge too much at $220 an oz.”

  • “I LOVE IT!!! I have RA & Insomnia, it works GREAT!!”

  • “It feels a little weak at first but then I's working! great strain to unwind to at the end of the day, mellow taste and very relaxing”

  • “Had a bunch of anxiety creep up during the day on top of neck and shoulder aches, took a few vape hits of this and I am comfortably melting into my couch. Nice tingles, relaxing and peaceful complacency sets in after longer than I would expect. Small, purple buds from Boston's Best Buds, great stuff.”

  • “I have nerve pain and have had it for many years , first off the flavor is very yummy reminds me of popcorn in the feel.. After a few short hits my pain was gone and I did not need a lot the high I got for so little was like Spongy feet . Love this strain I can't wait to get more!”

  • “Had this in Houston and it blew my mind! Super fruity and u get high asa bitch! Enjoy✌️”

  • “Very bomb ass high, strong as fuck yall👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥”