Space Dawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you really wanna relax, take a "ME" day, or just fall back into the REM sleep statis...choose Space Dawg. 1-2 bowls will knock you rite back to sleep, if you smoke a blunt, I suggest not driving. Space Dawg has got to be one of my favorite flowers, next to Cherry Pie in Indica's, to all you readers out there, DON'T PASS UP THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRY THIS FLOWER!!!”

  • “Heavily crystal laden and pretty potent, this strain is an excellent choice of nighttime medicine. Just smoked a bowl and it's incredibly smooth, buzz isn't too heavy and on exhale you get the fruity/skunky notes... very tasty”

  • “Space Dawg was a strain I picked up because my Bud-tender recommended it to me. I asked for something that would put me to sleep and reduce pain and that's exactly what it did. The smell is very strong. The kind of bud that as soon as you open the jar the room reaks. Fuelly smell with a sweet taste. Had me really spacey for about 30 minutes as I finished up the movie I had been watching than it put me right to sleep....”

  • “I really enjoy this strain. Nice size nugz, dense but not rock hard. I was surprised 2 taste the suttle notes of bubble gum towards the end of exhaling. Leafly has done a great job so far of trying their best to describe each and every strain there is out there. (theres alot lol!) So Thank you LEAFLY 4 ALL your hard work. LOVE&PEACE ♡♡♡”

  • “This funky smelling bud looked slightly stringy but covered in crystals. the stringiness didnt deter me because my guy only supplies 100% medical stuff to me. glad i picked it up, this packs a powerful and uplifting head high, without creating sluggishness smoking it after a long days work (butcher) in the evening. it actually tastes better than the flowers smell, and totally melts away your stress and fatigue at the...”

  • “I tried this from a friend, and wasn't disappointed. Hit me fast, made me cough, left me with a lasting high. Definitely can feel the indica effects, and did make me giggly. Not a strain I would smoke if I needed to be going about my day. More of a night time, or laid-back party/chilling strain.”

  • “Love this one! Space Dawg helps very much with pain and stress! Just 3-5 tokes. I feel a little lazy but can still find enough ambition (if I don't smoke too much) to start something and stay focused.”

  • “Complex flavors that change a little every day, hashy expanding hit with fruity overtones and sour ting that lasts for a while. space queen pheno isnt as pungent but dripping in trichs.”