Star Berry Indica Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Method of consumption: Kandypen Galaxy. Type: Terps Star Berry Shatter. Pros: Relaxing and pain relief. Cons: Dry mouth and minor dry eyes. Overall/Other: Smooth draw and exhale. Berry taste, just a faint hint of lemon/citrus every so often. Body is relaxed and pain melted away. No real head effects, other than relaxation & calm feelings. No real munchies. Minor couch lock. Little tiredness, but more due to rel...”

  • “Super tasty bud! Pungent, guey nugs provided me with super mood after dry vaping via my "Snoop dogg" dry herb vape pen. I did however have to work the rather sticky buds down considerably so it would vape better. Boom! knocked my shoulder pain down. Helped me be happy and relaxed.”

  • “Very very relaxing and uplifting,it immediately erased anxiety and crushed insomnia.starberry i highly recommend to anyone wanting a good video game buzz.if that means anything.”

  • “Really nice for pain relief or headaches....but doesn't put you flat out. Love the berry sweetness with a lemon aftertaste...very clean flavor. Top shelf prices but worth it, I think. Fast acting and effective.”

  • “Amazing smell. Good taste with mellow vibe that does best on your day off and Netflix. Grab a drink because you will have a dry mouth.”

  • “great taste the effects were rite on point had a lot of belly pain took the pain away”

  • “These buds were grate and very yummy”

  • “excellent for calming nerves but not to the point of putting you down for a all day nap. Lovely aroma, great taste, a pleasure to inhale”