Star Killer Reviews

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  • “Got this from Top Shelf in Puyallup Washington. Holy Fin Smokes! Star Killer OG tested at 28% THC, and you can tell by the first tasty puff. It smells like OG Kush and tastes like Bubba. The high is intense and initially it was all cerebral then it began to creep all over and that's when a comfy couch became my place of pure satisfaction. Great flower really strong so novice weed heads beware and patients suffering f...”

  • “When I first smoked StarKiller instantly I was in a better mood. My stress went away. Great head&body high. This strain for sure gets you stuck.”

  • “So I just now picked this up at everyone's favorite CT dispensary, Bluepoint Wellness...(Connecticut Pharma Solutions (CPS) "Fioraden A"), so this is a LIVE review. Ok...a bit heavy, but nice...I don't really feel anythi.....OMG! Ok...must be used in moderation! Just kidding. I took a quarter bowl and I am just FINE! Wonderful dense and frosty buds added handsomely to my kief m...”

  • “I have had my medical card here in CT for about 4 months now and out of everything I have explored thus far, Star Killer has been the most effective in treating my symptoms. High THC indica's seem to be most effective for PTSD. I also enjoyed Scott's OG. Another helpful tip in treating PTSD with cannabis: avoid Sativa's that may promote anxiety. Instead opt for a CBD strain with a 1:1 - 1:2 ratio during the day if th...”

  • “• ☀️ strangely starting this surprisingly-snowy day with a tasty indicol oil—> T-49.46% ⭐️Star Killer x 💥G13 '88 hash plant 🌱☀️• but nausea, anxiety, stiffness, inflammation + sore 💪🏼 required it — & i was medicinally-rewarded with fruity (but surpris-ingly meager terpenes) flavor in this easy, smooth vape 💨 • This 4.5-⭐️ 👌🏻💣 is worthy experience for everyone, simply start slow & enjoy loveliness!•”

  • “Instant calming effect and made my wife horny - YES - score! Well, as you can tell this is one of my favorite strains! It is intense cerebrally and a nice, comfy, calming effect - bad moods simply melt away. My wife has some serious back pain and the pain just slipped away. Sex is great with it!”

  • “Just picked up some of this from the new Rare Dankness dispensary in Denver, and I must say, this is some legit flower. Super Heavy smoke, yet oh so smooth. Definitely only smoke if you can handle a strong indica, or want to see if you can. The flower comes in a NO2 sealed tin, and has an amazing smell when you crack it. Check this out and House of Dankness too.”

  • “this is by far the most effective (indica) I have come across yet. Very potent smelling, really dense sticky buds, and medicinally anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia are no match, as I assume this strain could be quite helpful with pain relief as well, body felt great and also gave me a nice head high as well, but I would suggest use after work, before bed or if you wanna kick it and chill and have nothing supe...”