Star Master Kush Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “So I went to Glisan Buds after work. Cute Goth Guy wasn't working today; I got Emaciated Vegan Hippy Guy instead, and that was fine too. He talked me into getting an 8th of the Vanilla Kush, which was selling fast because it has 27.69% THC and .74% CBD. Indeed, it smells like vanilla with the usual yummy skunk aroma. Sold! I got 2 grams of Star Master Kush because it has some similar parents as Critical Sensei Star,...”

  • “zero cough and went right to sleeps. so nice!”

  • “Master Kush on steroids. I had never heard of this strain until today, but when I smoked a few bowls to myself I realized this was not weed you mess around with! This is some potent euphoria with the best body sensations I have ever felt from an indica. Intense couchlock and relaxing waves going through your body. Literally buzzing. Haven't had weed strong enough to do that to me for a few years. Great for smoking at...”

  • “I wanna try some lol but no driving”

  • “my favorite”

  • “Smoked a joint to myself felt so at peace it was great”

  • “really good for insomnia and pain. ppl r amazed when I tell and show them strains like this!! You don't ever see nothing like this around here!”