StarBud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of the most powerful indicas I have smoked. My husband, sister-in-law, and myself think that this is the hard hitter out of all the strains we smoked. This is always a knock-out punch, leaving you flat on your ass. This is the type that will leave your ass on the couch and you are thinking "Why the hell is my body and head so heavy?! Am I turning into a rock? Why is gravity so strong?!" If you have issues...”

  • “This is some serious fire. I'm a seasoned smoker and got my hands on this stuff and it knocked me on my ass. Most potent stuff I've smoked in awhile for sure!”

  • “Thick and compact buds, dark green. Pungent and skunky smell, the smoke is heavy. VERY strong strain, the high is overwhelmingly powerful, the first time I smoked this strain alone, I was embedded in the couch, having auditory hallucinations. Not a weed you want to try if you have to achieve something during the next 3 hours. Definitely the most potent and long-lasting I've encountered.”

  • “This is a connoisseur's Cannabis, not unlike a fine alcohol to drink from a snifter. Take your time, experience the smells, tastes, and feel of this high-class, heavy-hitting flower. It's time to sit for a bit at the end of the day, and melt those pains, strains, and worries away. Get together with some buds, put on some records, and enjoy one of the finest strains of ganja on the planet.”

  • “I suffer from Crohn's diseae. I have tried many different types of this magnificent plant. NONR gave me the complete ease of pain and healing qualities as did Star Bud. The 2 closest were Querkle and Hashbery. I am very grateful that I can order the exact medicine I need without wasting money for an unknown effect. Thank God for this strain.”

  • “Does the job well. Would try again. Has munchie effects.”

  • “I got this 100mg. StarBud Choc Ch cookie for free, thanks to SCC in Dartmouth Ma. It was free upon purchasing some flower. which I think is a great idea. I received a lollipop last time but I prefer this Choc ch Cookie instead. So far it tastes great!. I can definitely taste the flower in there and I'm not talking about the cooking flower either. lol. I can already start to feel a bit euphoric. Thank you again SCC, y...”

  • “sweet, piney, and chem smelling, taste similar as the smell but not as intense. good body buzz not has heavy as a thought it was going to be but was still good. very slight head change. good for pain or sleep. got at cg Corrigan's in Albuquerque for $10 a gram. bud was of good quality not the best or the worst.”