Strawberry Cheesecake Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The patients I grow for absolutely love this strain. It's a great medical strain for pain and has helped about 50 different patients get a better night's sleep (while numbing pain). Heavyweight Seeds even donated some of these to our cause and has been helping us with anything we've needed (advice-wise) since day one. Great breeder and great genetics all-in-one.”

  • “So I just smoked a bowl of this magical chronic. While I was packing I cracked open a nug and a beautiful dank smell came out. This bud smells like a tasty desert. The taste is kind of a darker berry if that makes sense. It leaves a very tasty taste after you smoke it so after you smoke dont drink or eat anything and just enjoy the tasty after taste. The high is great right off the bat. I feel uplifted and it seems l...”

  • “This is a great strain that comes on smooth & quick. The buzz is euphoric, light & high. I felt no stress, and my back pain didn't bother me. I didn't get mad munchies, and felt motivated enough to focus on getting things done around the house. This bud let me down very easy - all in all a good choice for daytime use.”

  • “Not the strongest but one of my favourites, tastes lush and gives me a subtle high. Good choice for a study aid, and getting things done around the house. Takes the edge off anxiety too, which is a bonus!”

  • “I'd also like to add some photos of our last grow with Strawberry Cake.”

  • “Yummmmmmy! Much taste for a great heavy indicia, and totally tastes like creamy strawberries!”

  • “see it today go I mmHg back to get some”

  • “I loved the high experienced after consuming strawberry cheesecake. It is very relaxing and perfect for a chill night. Strong mental clarity and decreased anxiety are also pleasantly accepted with this strain.”