Strawberry Fields Reviews

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  • “I wasn't a fan of this when I first smoked it a few days after picking it up from my local shop, but now as the bag is running low I have found that had grown on me. It was sold to me as a sativa dominant strain, and it looks like one. However it smokes much more like an indica. The heavy body buzz is phenomenal and is first felt after the first couple of hits. The mind remains relatively clear and coherent however t...”

  • “Indica hybrid variant originating from Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Fields is just as solid of a strain but instead of being a heady sativa it's a mild indica. The taste is solid , fruity , and smooth. Has a great smell , smells like berries and other sweet smells . The high is slow to come on but when it does it's a relaxing body high with a clear heady high . This is an indica you could get away with smoking during...”

  • “Bit of a creep on this high, effects are euphoria, general sense of warm, and ease, uplifting, with a hint of relaxation.”

  • “Strawberry Fields from Verdes...👀👀👀 Impressive is the word used when describing that strawberry smell, taste, aroma that breathes off the Strawberry fields. Incredible is the feeling, a huge relief from pain, also very relaxing. A great after work or before a cozy night strain. Still, it has an uplifting effect as well that gives you a comfortable high to enjoy that strawberry tasting flower. A strain I definitely...”

  • “I have really grown to enjoy indicas as a nightcap to help me sleep, and boy, this one did the job and then some. Beginners like me would do well to proceed with caution, as the 19% THC version of this pounded me into hibernation mode like a fruity flavored Mjolnir. Very tasty, but very heavy, I found that less is more with this one, as it gave me a slight headache before dropping into my bed like a rock. With a do...”

  • “This is A Bomb Ass Strain!!! Purchased @ Coast to Coast Collective”

  • “Stupid fire tasty bud! Has a bit of a tangle taste but is a great info version of strawberry cough!!”

  • “this is a light well balanced strain. if you're looking to take the edge off a caffeine buzz for example this would be the one but still leaves you functional.”