Sugar Black Rose Reviews

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  • “Made my account just to review this strain! Me and my husband absolutely LOVE this strain! I personally enjoy indica strains more than sativas..I suffer from back pain, fibromyalgia, depression and sometimes anxiety and my husband suffers from back pain as well. We're both veteran smokers and after smoking just one bowl we were both super high!! After 2 bowls we were on cloud 9! Superb body high and overall relaxed f...”

  • “I have several ptsd/anxiety. this is one of the most amazing strains for anxiety.”

  • “I had no idea what this strain was capable of!!! Absolutely fantastic for anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and the "monthly". No more midol, black sugar rose is something every woman should have in her medicine cabinet!!!”

  • “First off I want to start off by saying how heavy this indica is, The flavor on the pallet is sweet and earthy, and the lift is immediate! The best qualities of this strain is not only the smell, and the looks but the symptom relief, Muscle relaxer, helps with Nausea, and my favorite of all suppresses anxiety. When I read that it helps with that particular symptom I was more than skeptical, but the moment I lit it...”

  • “straight fire!!!! tasty and very helpful with severe PTSD”

  • “Covered in orange hairs and crystals. Didnt find it too potent but definitely got the job done”

  • “Very nice strain. Good for evening or when you just need to relax. Starts out with a slight burst of energy, and then levels out with a nice sleepy feeling. VERY euphoric throughout, but also clear headed. Mild munchies. Best sleep I've had yet.”

  • “incredibly high quality. approaching super strain intensity. dense buds. good hybrid. coffee smell and taste is overwhelming with earthy tones to follow. very good medicine. from my caregiver in Tempe. indoor hydro.”