Sugar Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is by far in the top 5 of the best strain that I have ever had. It took care of my pain caused from crohns disease. Watch out she will sneak up on you, I finished one bowl and thought this is bunk weed so I started to pack another bowl and by the time I reached for the flower container she kicked in and I forgot what the hell I was doing. Gave me a great appetite the medicated feeling lasts between 2-3 hours dep...”

  • “I have truly found the sugar kush to be an all around good strain; it's nice light flavor and aroma had me wanting to smoke more Smell: Nice and light with notes of sweet and earthiness. On top of that, there are some hints toward either pungent or floral. Look: The bud is a varying shade of green depending on the location on the bud. Hairs are orange and seem to stand out less; that being said, it it still fuzz...”

  • “Sweet sugary nuggets of dense buds. Little to no leaf and lots of crystalline trichomes. Smoke is smooth and flavorful. Immediate, relaxing indica effects felt right behind the eyes and extending all the way to my feet.”

  • “That is a really good strain in my opinion! It has a light taste in the mouth and isn't a heavy smoke. Really good for that evening hit! It gave me hilarious laughs with my girl followed by a chill and mellow mood, puting us to sleep. One of my favorites! Defenitely do recommend!”

  • “Great strain I've been getting from a long-time grower... this stuff is fabulous! Nice, full body high, but not too sleepy... fabulous sweet taste as well!”

  • “This is a very solid indica. It's a very mellow high and pretty much all body and no head high. The effects come in pretty slow when smoked, and stay at a pretty moderate level. Definitely good for a relaxing night in without making you fall asleep right away. The strain isn't the strongest, but it definitely gets the job done without being too strong. Good for smoking all night.”

  • “A Follow up review from 2 years ago. Nothing has changed one of the top five favorites. Great for Crohns Disease! Thank You so much San Jose's, Medi+Marts!!!”

  • “Very nice... making me sleepier than usual, but a fabulous sweet taste and nice, complete high.”