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Sugar Mama Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • TGT

    “I know that genetically Sugar Mama is an Indica, but for me it's like the espresso of weeds. Awesome daytime strain, when you want to power through your To Do List and earn your day. Although I've noticed that since it is genetically an Indica, it's also great for dealing with any physical aches and pains, and I'm not physically jittery at all. Just focused and in good spirits.”

  • “Sugar Mama was a recommendation by my local budtender. I use it to help me sleep at night, but I've found it to be an excellent daytime strain as well. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. One of the greatest things about it is how uplifting it feels. It's not that I don't dwell on sad things, but I process those things as less intense or personal. I wonder if this is how people without chemical imbalances feel al...”

  • “I will second the fact that although this is an Indica, I had a great energetic and creative rush upon smoking. doesn't take much to get the job done either. There was a mild head and body buzz that was nice yet not overwhelming. One of my favorite kinds to smoke.”

  • “Amazing if you had a shit day at work and want to decompress. No dry mouth but I find that the effects work faster if you sip on warm tea between smokes. Highly recommended.”

  • “This has been a very calming strain for me. I feel very content and clean after smoking. I am still able to get shit done and I love it. The highs don't last as long with this strain but damn it this stuff is nice”

  • “Amazin strain one of the best if not best Indica I've smoked . Unique feelin "warm spirited inner self feelin" Great for beach an relaxin”

  • “great strain for relaxing after a day of work still focused to handle my regular tasks left me peaceful”

  • “Well first thing i can say that to me one of the best things about it is the nice Sweet flavor fills your hole mouth. Nice Nugs dense, puts a smile on my Face every time i smoke some Relaxing good for Stress”