Super Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing. One of my favourite cheese strains, massive fan of cheeses. Really strong body high great for a relaxing smoke watching a film etc, really droops the eyes and nice subtle head high. Really bright green appearance when ground up slightly darker when you look at the nugs, grinds up huge. Great as medication really helped my back pain and eradicated my anxiety. Love it and highly recommend getting it if you get...”

  • “Damn! Best morherfuckin’ high ever. Eyes droop down to your balls. I’d say this is probably my favorite strain of Kush. Great for pain. Saw some weird shit too. And I’ve never been more paranoid 😂 Highly recommend this!!!”

  • “man ....dont know ......i blew while i was cleaning my anit never been that clean.....motavational...and a great buzz.....”

  • “I suffer from ADHD and found that this strain does not work well with my condition.”

  • “The best medical strain I have found! The cbd's are outrageous. Well done.”

  • “Smooth taste unlike other Cheese strains. I my self am particularly fond of the Cheese strains, Uk and Exodus being two favorites and so catapulting this strain straight to the top of my chart! This heavy hitting Cheese is not to be missed!!”

  • “A Strain with Homogeneous Energy Symptoms . Invested Head High with a Relaxed Body. Will definitely use for business ventures. Food also Taste great with the influence of this Strain.”

  • “The best strain I've ever smoked. Straight 5 stars. Damn man. I was so fucking hungry.”